Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Week 1 and 2, Thing 2, 3 and 4: 7 1/2 habits, blogs

I just listened to the podcast on the 7 1/2 habits. I do consider myself a lifelong learner, in the sense that I am always on the lookout for information about subjects that I am interested in.In this exercise, I am most interested in learning how to work with pictures.
Reviewing my blog posts, I realized that I had forgotten to answer the questions in Thing 3 about the 7 1/2 habits. For me, the easiest habit is #5, create your own toolbox. I am always looking for information about subjects that I am interested in. What's great about the 23 things program is the number of internet tools that I am learning about for the first time. Some things I am familiar with, like wikis and e-audio books. I had not heard of and did not know how rollyo worked.
The most difficult things for me are #3, view a problem as a challenge, and #4, have confidence. I have problems with managing my time, so that a problems can look like a crisis if I don't get to it. Confidence in myself is just something that I have always struggled with. Anyway, I will have try to manage these concerns as I work my way through this new knowledge.
I also double checked that I did register my blog with the Baltimore County Participants. Thanks!

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bluffingwildly said...

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. I hope you're enjoying the 23 things so far. You'll get some experience with pictures in this program - plus a lot more!