Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 9: Thing 23: Summarize

Most of the stuff that we looked at in the 23 Things program was new to me. I search the web for topics that interest me generally just through Google. I was surprised that using some of the tools like and Technorati could actually help identify interesting blogs or websites. Blogs, wikis and podcasts could really be useful for libraries to help organize work or to bring more content to library website users.
The hardest thing about the program was the time it took to work on the 23 Things. Because I was learning many new things, it took time for me to read all the material, listen to the webcasts, try out the tools and then write my entry. You can see looking at my blog, that I did things out of order several times! Usually that means that I got stuck on something, or I wanted to work on a thing at home rather than at work. For me, being part time, finding time and a computer at work was very dificult. Thankfully, I was able to work on it at home with few problems. I know I spent a number of hours on the Things like Flickr, Rss feeds, technorati and I still have to read some articles I've bookmarked on Library 2.0!
The great part about the program is that I feel like I have an overview of the web 2.0 and how it can enhance information exchange and productivity. Plus, some of the stuff really is fun to use!
Thanks for putting together the program, and thanks for giving us a few extra days! The extra days were a big help!

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