Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 6, Thing 13: is a great tool for bookmarking sites with information that you want to be able to retrieve later. While I was trying out the site, I came accross a couple of articles that I wanted to come back to. This motivated me to set up a account. I have bookmarked about 10 sites, most about the library 2.0, but also about quilt history. I could have really used this tool several years ago when I was doing some research.
When I first searched for quilt information, many of the sites that were found were commercial websites. This would be useful it you were looking for a particular item, like a specific fabric or design. When I searched for quilt history, I found sites with more information, like a Library of Congress website on quilts.
The tags are a different way to think about organization. I think that spending more time with the tags will help me to use them more effectively. And I just like the way the tag cloud looks!

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