Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 6: Thing 14, Technorati

Technorati's advanced search helps to narrow the search area for the keywords that are used. When I limited the search to blogs about learning 2.0, the search retrieved blogs that focused on learning and education. The couple of blogs that I looked at appeared to be by teachers who were exploring web 2.0 for the classroom. Searching the tags seemed to have better results than searching the blogs.
Searching for learning 2.0 in the tags retrieved a blog by a librarian in Pittsburgh who was working on library 2.0, This blog had a lot more information that I was interested in as a librarian. I was particulary intrigued by the link to a page titled clpmainreference. The page listed links to webpages such as the Smithsonian art page which could be used for reference. The tags were bundled into several categories, like art, social science and ready reference. It was an interesting way to organize websites.
The favorite blogs,top blogs and searches tend to be about technical issues, like engadget and techcrunch, or about entertainment, like boingboing and blogs having to do with movies, music or entertainers. Blogs are still new and people are learning new ways to use them and the other internet tools, so it could be expected that technical topics would be popular on technorati. Entertainment is also a big part of the internet, and technorati would be a good way to find the latest videos and entertainment news.
I had some problems trying to claim my blog and tagging my posts. I will keep trying to get my blog set up right for technorati.

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