Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 8: #19: Web 2.0 Awards, Instant Bull

I looked at a number of sites on the Web 2.0 awards short list of winners. The site that I selected to explore is Instant Bull, a business site that pulls together links to many sites with business news. At the top of the page is a search box for stock quotes. I put in McCormicks for the spice company, not knowing the ticker symbol, and the box gave me a selection of possible companies to choose from. The result was a "buzz matrix" that showed which message boards had information about the stock and how long ago the message was posted. On the left were links to pertinent messages.
Instant Bull also provides links to news sites like Bloomberg, blogs, weblinks to popular sites like technorati, and finance message boards. The site tries to bundle a lot of financial links into one package. It is geared more toward someone who follows the stock market on the web, instead of someone used to using the high cost services like Value Line. It is a fun site if you like to follow financial message boards and blogs. It is worth considering for inclusion in a list of business websites if a public library has a customer base that follows the stock market.

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