Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 9: Thing # 21, Podcasts

I did a few searches in Yahoo Podcasts to see how easy it would be to locate podcasts that I was interested in. I tried a very specific search for a medical condition and had pretty good results. The results included ten or so podcasts, but they were all relevant to the search and looked useful. Most of the podcasts gave instructions and suggestions on how to handle the medical situation.
The second search was broader, using "art schools". The results were not really relevant. One was for a teacher named Art. I did find a childrens book review site called "Book Voyages" that I really liked. I listened to the podcast about the young adult book The Geography of Girlhood by Kirsten Smith. Most of the podcast was of Ms. Smith discussing the book and reading from it before and audience. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about the book.
Looking at Yahoo Podcast website, I realized that it will be discontinued in October. I tried and was able to search directly for Book Voyages and add it to my RSS feeds.
I also looked at the podcast information on the Merlin site. The book readings, interviews and LibVibe were all very cool uses of podcasts. I linked to LibVibe, and I'm listening to the latest news while typing this. Definitely a fun, and informational, podcast.

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